11 de jun de 2012

But it's amazing what a couple of years can mean

Desculpem os erros.

Photo: Yuri Coelho.
Yesterday I was remembering how I used to be two years ago. It’s a lot of time. Then a song just came to my head and I started to sing Nobody’s Fool, by Avril Lavigne. It’s one of the good songs of the beginning of her career – in my opinion, she was the best damn thing lyrically that time. I took my guitar and started to play it, singing a little out of key because of the cold. As I was singing the song, a lot of memories was passing through my mind, making me remind of situations and feelings I had lived in my life. It’s nineteen years living in this world, being part of this big ball they call Earth, trying to be happy.

In general, I think I’m doing a good job for now. It’s like a Phoenix’s song: I’m not doing well, well, well / I’m only doing just fine. That defines me, I guess. I’m not the best example of how amazing time can be and how it’s important to make you live life how you should live. But I’ve learnt most of the lessons life taught me. You know, I’m a good student, even when the teacher isn’t the best one in the whole universe – this teacher I call Life doesn’t have too much patience. But it’s not that bad, because sometimes it’s the better way to learn. And I’m still learning.

I’m 19. I’m too young. Life is more than a couple of years, but it doesn’t mean a couple of year cannot be full of life. If you know what I mean, you’re a lucky one. It took a while for me to understand all that. But now I know.